The benefits of Fitness Through Boxing

The boxing workout is a great way to get in shape. It is one of the toughest fitness programs in sports which allows you to take out your aggressions, relieve stress, and learn self defense. Boxing offers an athletic style workout that will guarantee enjoyment! Boxing also burns fat and creates lean muscle mass. It is meant for men, women, and children of all fitness levels.

As well as establishing a good foundation for youth, men and women of all ages can enjoy the boxing workout. Unlike biking and running, boxing works the entire body. It works many muscle groups at one time, so overuse injuries are less likely to occur. Besides learning self-defense, our programs are fun and challenging.

Whether you’re aiming to go pro or just get in shape, we’ll help you get there!

Check out some testimonials from our patrons

Dear Rob,

My 5 year-old son, Dylan, has recently joined your children’s group class. Although I was apprehensive about putting him into a boxing program at such a young age, I must commend you and your staff for putting my fears to rest.

The first class, he was extremely excited about learning the boxing fundamentals. You took him aside on a one-to-one basis, teaching him the beginning steps of becoming a boxer. I appreciate you treating him with special care, like he was your own. The second class, he had a little difficulty merging with the class, but, with the guidance of your staff, he finally overcame his fears.

I want to thank your staff for the one-to-one coaching and for keeping him interested in the sport. Your staff should be commended on the great job they do and for teaching these kids when self-achievement is all about.

I will continue to speak highly of your program and staff, and I would recommend it to anyone.

With sincere thanks, Jeffrey Uvena


Happy birthday two weeks early! Thought you could use this now.

Thank you so much for working me out so hard and so patiently these past tow months. You are the best. After having the girls in less than three years, all I have felt like is a mother. You gave me my spunk back and made me feel like a woman. My husband thanks you, too! I’m a much happier woman to live with now.

I’m in love with boxing!